Clearun Marketing’s Keyword Spy Tool – Get your competitors keywords and target them yourself!

Have you ever wanted to see what keywords your competitors target? Now you can!

All you need to supply is the Competitors Website and we will send you a list of the Keywords they are targeting, which country they are targeting them in, the Quantity of Searches as well as the Bid Price (Ad Words) which represents the Value of the keyword.

Here is an example, we used San Remo:

Reveal and understand the rankings of your competitors

Choosing the right keywords is the cornerstone of successful search engine optimization. Choose the right keywords, and you will get many new customers. Choose the wrong keywords, and you will waste a lot of time and money.

If your website rankings do not deliver enough visitors, Clearun Marketing’s Keyword Spy Tool will help you. You get access to valuable data on the rankings of your competitors:

  • The keywords that get the most searches.
  • The rankings that deliver the most visitors to your competitors.
  • The competitor page that gets the most visitors.
  • Many more valuable metrics.

If you know what works for your competitors, you can eliminate a lot of trial-and-error. Find out how others maximize the results of their rankings and benefit from their work.


Get the financial value of your competitors’ rankings

Rankings for the right keywords can have a very high financial value.

Clearun Marketing’s Keyword Spy Tool shows you the value of each ranking that your competitors have.

The value is calculated based on the position of the rankings in the search results, the monthly search volume for the keywords and the price per click the competitor would have to pay if he advertised for these keywords.

Compare your website rankings to your competitors and find your strengths and weaknesses on the web.

Find the gaps that you have to fill and improve the number of visitors who come to your site. Comprehensive filters enable you to find the exact keywords that you need.


Optimize your own pages based on competitor analysis

Find out which pages of your competitors have the most rankings. You’ll also see which pages get the most visitors. Analyze the content of your competitors’ pages and improve the contents of your own pages.

Comparing your own metrics to the performance of your competitors will help you to develop a better website promotion strategy.

You also get an overview of the websites that compete with your for the same keywords and you get detailed information for every single competitor.

Spy on your competitor rankings now!


How exactly would you use a Keyword from a competitor?

In the example above (San Remo) you can see that one keyword they rank for is ‘chicken recipes’. You can also see that this term is searched 33,100 times per month on Google. So, you use our Keyword Spy Tool and get the above data. You run a pasta sauce company and decide you want to rank for ‘Chicken Recipes’ too. What do you do now?

Firstly you need to create a post or page on your website with this exact term in the title name. You ensure that the this phrase appears as many times as possible in the page/post organically. You don’t want to spam the phrase as Search Engines will mark your website as a spam website. You ensure that all the Header Tags (H1, H2, H3) are all relevant to the phrase. One header could be “How to use <brand> pasta sauce in your chicken recipes” or similar. Search Engines will see this as valuable data for the people searching the phrase.

Add images to your post and make sure that they all have titles, descriptions and tags all related to the phrase and your brand/company name.

If you sell your product directly make sure that you add how to buy it at the bottom of the article. If you only sell to distributors then add some sort of ‘Where to buy’ button or map, after all you’re trying to promote your brand/company/product.

Once you’ve created the best post/page for the targeted keyword you then start sharing the content on social media, submitting it to recipe websites, etc.

If you sell through distributors send them an email or give them a call and ask them to share the post on their social media and email marketing lists. Depending on your relationship with each customer you may need to offer discounts or rebates but if it benefits them they’ll usually do it.

Lastly, you’ll want to send it out to your email marketing list too. The thing to remember is to never give all the content out via email or social media, you need to give a taste of the content then make them click to see more. This way the links (and traffic) all point to your article on your website.


Get Your Competitors Keywords Now!